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Access Control

Logic has chosen Verkada for several reasons. Most importantly, Verkada allows us to provide tailored solutions that are easy to use. In addition, customers can add any additional Verkada products anytime to increase coverage and security or gain other features and integrations to suit their needs better. Also, they offer an industry-leading hardware warranty of 10 years and some of the quickest technical support we have ever had the pleasure of working with, utilizing remote support to resolve issues quickly and efficiently. If Verkada support cannot fix a problem promptly via remote support, a new device is shipped rapidly to get the customer back up and running.

Cloud–based access control that seamlessly integrates with powerful video security.

Verkada video security management system

Verkada Access Control combines enterprise–grade access control with a powerful, cloud-based management platform for a solution that’s always simple, secure, and ready for scale.

Starting with Verkada’s Access Controller, users are able to bring plug–and–play simplicity to managing doors and access across their organization. Access Controllers work with your building’s existing door hardware and readers.

Once doors are connected, they’re ready to be managed from any device via Verkada Command. The Verkada Command platform allows you to easily manage building access, schedules and users. Integration to active directory platforms ensure that employees are automatically configured, onboarded and offboarded

Through Verkada Command, access control and cameras are connected seamlessly to deliver real–time video analytics on access events. Using Verkada’s industry–leading edge–based video processing, users are able to not only see what is happening at their points of entry, but also proactively take action for meaningful events.

Verkada access system
  • Cloud–based access control for easy management across all sites and users
  • Manage all sites and users across your organization
  • 10–year warranty on all hardware
  • Seamless integration with Verkada video security
  • Works with existing door hardware and readers
  • Secure Touchless Access with Bluetooth using Verkada’s Pass App

Powerful features to gain greater visibility and control into your sites.

Verkada video security management system


Verkada’s cloud–based management software, is designed to deliver simple access and management for all doors, peripherals, cameras, and users across all sites from virtually anywhere in the world.

Door and Peripheral Management

  • Instantly see events including live and historical footage
  • Filter by events such as unlocks, door opens, and access granted or denied
  • Create custom schedules for any day of the week

Video Integration

  • Associate existing Verkada cameras with doors for increased visibility
  • Add multiple cameras to see events from multiple angles
  • Quickly export video evidence for investigations
Verkada video security management system UI

User Management and Permissions

  • Import users, integrate with active directory, or add new users manually
  • Control door access by user groups
  • Assign multi–format access including cards, pins, and mobile access Site

Site Management

  • Manage a limitless number of doors across any number of sites in your organization
  • Access all your doors and cameras from Verkada’s centralized Command platform
Verkada video security management system UI

Instant Video Analytics for Any Door

Pair a Verkada camera to get video context on any door event and integrate computer vision functionality like Person of Interest detection.

Live and Historical Access Events

Enable the Access tab to see when the door is opened & held open as well as door activity over time. View all your cameras and doors from Verkada’s centralized Command platform.

Verkada video security management system UI

Real–time Alerts and Reports

Configure granular SMS or email notifications for more proactive incident response. Export reports to investigate or audit historical events.

Best of Both Worlds

Continue using your existing access control or alarms system to avoid disruptions to your business. AX11 Event Bridge does not require a full system migration, so installs take hours, not days.

Alarms Integration with Professional Monitoring

Door events can be triggers for Verkada Alarms. While your site is armed, agents will review video footage of these events from nearby cameras in real time.

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