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Leones Comp Announces Name Change to Logic

Philadelphia, Pa., September 4, 2019 – Leones Comp, a leading technology and data analytics company, announced today that it has changed its corporate name to Logic. The new name and brand better reflects the company’s identity as a leading technology, data, analytics, and efficiency partner across the information technology sector.

“We have been extremely successful in our offerings of information technology solutions, and have seen an opportunity to widen our footprint in the technology sector. This is a larger mission than we began with and represents our evolution to becoming Logic,” said Joseph Leone Jr., founder and visionary of the company. “I am so proud of our tremendous growth over the past decade. We’ve never been better positioned to partner with our customers across the technology spectrum to help define its future. Now more than ever, we can deliver the most cutting-edge innovations to service our industry’s leading innovators.”

“This business was started in 2008 when the industry was on the cusp of computer and technology growth. Over time, our team built a recognizable and iconic organization throughout the upstream of local and national businesses. Together we achieved unprecedented success across the globe. From the beginning, we have fueled ourselves by the power of our phenomenal people, and those people are now building the most important, integrated problem-solving platforms across the world’s largest, most significant, and impactful industry ever – technology,” Leone said.

During the last year, the company has grown tremendously through product innovation, market expansion, and acquisitions. Logic will now be comprised of two business units – IT Services and Digital Services – both of which are highly complementary to one another and together create value for customers that could never be achieved otherwise.